In Your Wildest Dreams, What’s Possible?

“Yes, and” can lead to break through in your mindset.

Are any of these you?

✅ I am seasoned in my career, navigating work politics, and nearing burnout. (YES! And…I could use a coach to help me get my mojo back.)

✅ I am feeling stuck in a certain area of my life. (YES! And…I could use a coach to gain a fresh perspective on what I can do about it.)

✅ I lead a team, and I want to invest in their professional development. (YES! And…I could use a coach to present actionable items for our team to gain momentum.)

✅ I am early in my career, driven, and ready to maximize what I have to offer. (YES! And…I could use a coach to pinpoint how to get there in the most efficient way.)

Transform Your Mindset, Business, Leadership, and Life 

How we can work together so you can achieve your goals.

Business & Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re early in your career or seasoned with experience, an eager-beaver or in full burnout, business & leadership coaching is a win for you.

I love working with driven individuals who are ready to go from good to great. My job is to show you your “Yes, and” potential!

Life Coaching

Turns out, we as humans are more than the careers we have! But have you ever noticed it’s not always neatly in a box? Work life can overlap with home life. Parents are still parents from 9-5. And to this, I say, “Yes…and…”

What if you didn’t have to pick one or the other?

Speaking, Workshops & Facilitation

The value of coaching doesn’t have to be limited to a one-on-one conversation. In fact, it multiplies when you invite a group to experience it together. With my keynote speaking and facilitated workshops, I bring the value of a coaching experience to teams that want improved performance, collaboration, and success!

👋🏻, Hey, I’m Sarah Parsons, and I want to explain my obsession with “yes, and…” 

Why I’m a fan of the “yes, and” mindset…

My passion for coaching came about from personal experience, when I felt stuck, stifled, and unsatisfied. It was 2017, and I had seemingly checked all the boxes. I had the MBA, six-figure salary (with ever-increasing responsibilities & a growing team), a wonderful husband & two kids, and a house in the ‘burbs. And yet, it wasn’t all it cracked up to be. 

Life seemed much harder than it needed. Yes, there were circumstances that truly were that hard, and I was making it harder than it needed to be. I had placed unrealistic expectations on myself, and I had let the weight of other people’s expectations pull me down even more. 

Working with a coach helped me see it wasn’t an either/or. It’s a yes/and.

If you find yourself in this scenario, I want to encourage you that “yes, and” is more than a catchy slogan. I learned to say “yes” to my calling as a mom, wife, and friend, and “yes” to my expertise in the field of marketing, consulting, and coaching. There is room for both.  

What areas are you stuck because of being what I call a “yes, but” person? Don’t be a “but” person. Be a “yes, and” person. I’ll show you how to get there!

#Kudos From Happy People

Our strategy meeting was the most amazing change to my work style in my adult life! You helped me so much! I felt prepared and confident and could not have done it without you.
I needed this. …it’s almost like you knew how I’ve been spinning my wheels over how to track and organize all of my projects and tasks…  
You have an amazing ability to effortlessly engage in big picture/strategic discussions, and also roll up your sleeves and get into the messy detail that most people want nothing to do with.
This is so helpful. You are giving me life right now. 

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