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As a project manager, I love tools and templates. I create spreadsheets for fun. I keep lists of cool tools that I find online. I read compulsively – both fiction and non-fiction. Many of tools, spreadsheets and books have the happy by-product of saving time.

And if I’m saving all that time, then I’ve got time to share how I’m doing that with you.

The majority of tips and tools will be applicable to anyone, with some focused on work, some on the home front and others just for fun.

Here’s the thing with timesaving tips, templates & tools though: Some will click with you. Some won’t. Some you’ll want to tweak – just a little tiny bit.

Do what you need to do to make the relevant ideas work for you. Ignore the rest.

And take action.

31 Timesaving Tips, Tools & Templates

  1. What’s the best way to capture a to-do list?
  2. Don’t put everything you need to do on your to-do list
  3. Save time reading (+ top 3 reading apps)
  4. Top 10 Ways to Do a Little Each Day
  5. 55 Time-Saving Tips for Busy People 
  6. That nagging task you’ve been putting off? Do it today.
  7. Save time: automate your social media
  8. 4 simple steps to reduce your digital junkpile
  9. Set deadlines; increase self-control
  10. Characteristics of a great checklist
  11. Use incognito windows
  12. How to keep brilliant ideas from disappearing
  13. Save time, keep the kids asleep and still drink gourmet coffee
  14. The number one timesaving app that also saves sanity and security
  15. 9 life-changing time management books
  16. When traveling by airplane…
  17. How to use technology & still rest on vacation
  18. How to get faster customer service
  19. Productivity and the Daily 6
  20. Do you really need to do that?
  21. Some days you just want fluff (and that’s okay)
  22. Why you should always set a timeframe
  23. 7 ways to save information for later (and then actually use it)
  24. Why you need to change what isn’t working today
  25. 5 Must-Read Articles on Productivity and Time Management
  26. Start how you plan to continue
  27. Win by taking it one step at a time
  28. 11 must-do productively non-productive tasks
  29. 8+ of my favorite tools for communication
  30. 3 foolproof ways to schedule your time and get more done
  31. What are you saving time for?