Career Planning

Career Planning is one of those essential business activities that we all do – whether we realize it or not. Do you have clear career aspirations and career development objectives to help you control of your career destiny? Or are you a passive participate in your career journey? The reality is that you may not be in control of your next job. We live in a world with regular reorganizations, layoffs, and internal politics. That’s okay!

Career readiness means that you recognize what you can and can’t control, compare a career vs job and plan for career growth over time. As a career woman, spending time career planning will ensure you know how to write a current resume, have solid interviewing skills, know your worth and are better than average at negotiation.

Why you shouldn’t work with people you don’t respect

A service provider recently asked what they should do in this situation: A high-profile client doesn’t treat them well, doesn’t pay them well, and micromanages. A large part of the service provided is outside of the scope of what the provider normally does. The service provider is concerned that she “needs” the paycheck to save …

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