Change your environment to change your mindset

This week I thought the four walls of my house were going to cave in on me.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I was going stir-crazy and having trouble focusing on anything I needed to get done. What improved my mental state and re-ignited my productivity? 

Changing my environment.

Change your environment; change your mindset. |

What are some simple ways to change your environment?

  1. Get outside. I love Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy’s outdoor goal for the winter. And clearly getting outside is a hit with my little pirate.
  2. Go to a different room. Fold the laundry in the living room vs the bedroom or vice versa. Read a book on a chair instead of the couch. Rearrange some furniture.
  3. Change where you work. Like many work-at-home types, I often hit up a coffee shop. Changing which coffee shop I go to, getting a table that faces a window instead of a wall, or simply picking a different table from “my spot” all provide fresh space – and often fresh insight.

What other ways do you change your environment? 

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