Why you need to change what isn’t working today

Have you ever felt stuck to a degree that it’s impossible to change?

You have the power to change your schedule. Really. Just like we talked about stopping to check whether or not a particular task truly needs to be done, it’s often good to step back and evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

Stuck? What can you change up to make your schedule work better?

This can be simple:

I realized recently that our morning routine of getting everyone up, ready and out the door wasn’t working. More days than not, the last 10 minutes before we left the house were frantic.

I was that stressed, rushing mom all too often, hurrying my kids when they were just acting their age. The hurrying was a result of my lack of realistic planning, not anything they were doing wrong.

I am learning to reset my expectations for when we need to leave the house. If I’m not stressed about getting to work on time, then stopping to look at the leaf on the ground, or tell me one more story, or procrastinate on putting a jacket on is no big deal.

Similarly, maybe you have too many commitments on your plate. What needs to be removed? What should be added?

Information overload is another big one. How’s your email inbox? Do you need to unsubscribe to any email lists? Yesterday we talked about various ways to save information, but maybe there’s just too much coming in.

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I regularly go through and unsubscribe to blogs I follow, email lists I’m on, and more. What business did you sign up for a coupon from and now endlessly delete (or ignore) their emails? Unsubscribe liberally (Tool tip: Unroll.me is a great FREE service to make this easier).

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Life does often seem crazy and out of control. But more often than not, if we step back and think strategically, we have more power to make change than we think we do.

Today’s challenge: Identify one area that you feel stuck and determine a path to change. 

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