How to use technology & still rest on vacation

A totally crazy tip to truly rest while on vacation: Delete any and all social media and email apps from your phone. Delete anything else that isn’t directly relevant to enjoying your vacation.

Secret: All those apps are in your account. You can re-download them when you get home with no issue.8 essential apps to use while traveling

8 essential apps to use while traveling

But Sarah, why not just shut the phone off?

Great question.

Depending on the vacation, shutting the phone off entirely may be a great way to go. For others, keeping the phone on can save time and make the vacation more enjoyable – without being tied to your phone for typical daily notifications.

On our most recent vacation, I used my phone a considerable amount, but not for anything that was draining to me (just the battery, haha). We were in the greater Los Angeles area and had a general idea of what we were doing or where we were going.

By strategically using apps, we could stay flexible with planning (code: have a very minimal plan and make it up as we went – that’s adventure, right?). Here’s what we used:

Essential Apps to Use and/or Install While Traveling:

  • Google Maps (or Apple Maps, if that’s your preference)
  • Yelp
  • A web browser (to look up those awesome restaurants and shopping, etc)
  • Evernote or another Notes App – where you have lists of all the places to go and things to do stored ahead of time.
  • Transit App – A friend just told me about this one – I haven’t used it yet, but have heard it’s amazing. It will show all types of public transportation and the best way to get where you want to go.
  • Best Parking – This one shows parking lots and garages nearby, whether or not they’re open and current rates. I use this one in my own city when I need to park in areas I’m not super familiar with.
  • Kindle / Oyster – For obvious recreational reading purposes.
  • A relevant airline-specific app. Fly Delta was great for checking in and keeping up to date on our flight status.

As a bonus, I had limited wi-fi access, so the temptation to download apps I was missing was much much lower than it would have been. There was one time I caved and logged onto Facebook from a mobile browser, but overall did that was pretty good.

Have you had success shutting off your phone on vacation? Or have any additional apps that are essential while traveling? 

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