Cleaning and organizing tip: Just do ONE thing

Three years ago I wrote a guest post on my favorite local frugal living blog. It’s a theme that has stuck with me, and I still firmly believe that focusing on the one next action is essential to success in any area of life.

Action Makes a Difference |

Doing one thing is a step in the right direction. If I avoid the clean laundry pile because it’s overwhelming, there will always be an overwhelming laundry pile. Action, any action, makes a difference.

Some days, one thing is truly all I have time and energy for. Other times, I find that once I make that first step, I have motivation to do a little more. Maybe 5 minutes, maybe 15 minutes. Occasionally, I finish a whole task. Giving myself permission to only do one thing, gives me the freedom to want to do more, rather than feeling like I have to do more.

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