That time I bought a math workbook. For fun.

We’ve established the fact that I’m a bit of a nerd, right?

My mom is a teacher, so I spent a lot of time in teacher supply stores growing up. Teacher supply stores = utopia for an academically minded youngster. They also equal the opposite of hours spent in Jo-Ann Fabrics, which is pure torture for an incredibly non-crafty youngster. (Both of those youngsters were me, in case you weren’t clear.)

One year in early elementary school, I used my allowance to buy a long division math workbook. Then I completed it, which meant that I taught myself long division before we learned it in school. I was incredibly proud of this accomplishment.

I still am.

My husband makes fun of me for this story (in love, of course). He never bought a math workbook. School and academics were not his cup of tea. At all.

At the same time, he was the child who poured over tool and auto parts catalogs – and had them memorized. He drew out house plans – to scale – for fun and planned out spaces and rooms.

To this day, I have a love of spreadsheets and books and academic learning. Charles has a love of all things mechanical, building and creating.

Our personalities shape our interests and desires.

What did you learn as a child? What did you naturally gravitate towards? What does that tell you about you? Can you see connections to how you live your life now, and what gives you the most satisfaction? Does it show you an area that you’ve lost and might benefit from a new or renewed attention to?

Not sure how to define your personality? One of my favorite FREE personality online tests is this one from 16 personalities. Take the test and let us know in the comments or on Facebook what your personality is. (I’m the Logistician.)

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