11 must-do productively non-productive tasks

This is also known as A List of Things to Do in Short Bursts of Time that Aren’t Urgent, but Still Move the Needle Forward.

What are productively non-productive tasks, you might ask? They’re quick tasks that can be taken care of in minimal downtime, as long as you’re prepared. Also, tasks that you can do while procrastinating on a larger task.

Hot Tip: Create a list of productively non-productive task ideas, so that when you have pockets of otherwise idle time, you have a list ready and don’t waste precious minutes figuring out what to do.

Wow! I've never felt so productive on my laziest days. These ideas are so quick and easy! #productivity #workingmom #timemanagement

Productively Non-Productive Tasks that take 15 minutes or less:

  1. Respond to a non-urgent email
  2. Read a blog post
  3. Write a card
  4. Make a phone call
  5. Schedule an appointment
  6. Sort one cupboard, shelf, box of stuff
  7. Send a friend a text message
  8. Pin / Tweet / otherwise schedule or post to social media (I like to go through posts and articles I’ve saved in Feedly)
  9. Do a super-quick review of your email inbox for emails that can be immediately deleted or filed
  10. Fold some laundry (tip: even folding 1-2 pieces of a load each time you walk by will eventually get you through a pile!)
  11. Read one page in a book (or more)

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What additional ideas do you have for productively non-productive tasks?

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