Save time, keep the kids asleep and still drink gourmet coffee

Peaceful minutes to linger, sip and read a good book. Or simply sit without anyone needing anything.

The peace and calm that comes with the smell of fresh coffee and a cozy, quiet house really can’t be beat.

Oh, wait. I have small children. Who happen to be extremely light sleepers in the morning.

I’m an outgoing introvert, and doing without that peace and quiet is not good for me – or my family. I also have a deep love of coffee.

What’s a busy mom to do?

Why I LOVE my aeropressTypically, I grind fresh beans and then use the espresso machine to make an awesome Americanos or a latte.

Getting up early specifically for extra work/quiet time and then having them wake up to my making coffee defeats the purpose. So does skipping the coffee in favor of silence.

The solution:

  • Pre-grind the coffee* the night before (Yes, I am giving up some quality here. It’s worth it. And if you’re less of a snob than I am, this isn’t an issue).
  • Use an AeroPress for silent coffee creation.
  • Drink and enjoy pure coffee bliss.

*We love Stumptown Coffee, even if they did sell out to Peet’s and are no longer hipster-cool here in Portland.

I’d read a few reviews of the AeroPress over the years, and was admittedly skeptical. When my french press bit the dust (i.e. cracked and shattered), and I was tired of drinking poor quality instant coffee, I made the leap. I only wish I had done it sooner.

As one of my friends said,

This is the best coffee I’ve ever had at home.”

Yes, yes it absolutely is.

Alternatives if you’re less of a coffee snob than I am:

  • Use a traditional drip brewer with an automatic timer. (Does this make anyone else think of ‘90s Folgers commercials?)
  • Use a french press.
  • Use a Chemex or other pour over method.
But really, you can skip the above alternatives and just get an AeroPress.
(Yes, that’s an affiliate link. No, nobody paid me to talk about the AeroPress.  I really am that in love with it.)

What’s your favorite coffee and method of brewing? 

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