Some days you just want fluff (and that’s okay)

When life gets crazy, take a breakIt’s been an eventful few weeks.

My four year old split his ear open and got 10 stitches in the ER.

I interviewed for and got a new job. Which means I also had to give notice at my current job.

It was our 8th anniversary.

I’m participating in #write31days.

We’re house hunting…and have all the major life and financial choices that go along with that.

My husband is having some unexplainable (so far) and slightly scary medical issues that are involving a whole lot of tests and (so far) no answers.

Then our offer on a house got accepted. While my husband was traveling on a business trip.

I’m starting the new job.

Oh, and I’m helping plan a women’s retreat that takes place this weekend.

It’s a lot.

I had a few days off between jobs, and naturally, had an incredibly long to-do list. Many of the things on my list were nice-to-dos, only a handful were must-do’s. Even so, I’ve found myself alternating between extreme productivity and crashing.

At first, I was tempted to call the crashing laziness, as I typically would. Then I realized – this is my one chance at a few days of downtime. I should be taking the time to rest and rejuvenate. And if that means an hour or two of hanging out with the Gilmore Girls, then I should go for it.

Downtime and room to breathe is okay, even necessary. This time is what allows us to get back up and keep on keepin’ on.

PS – In case you got the impression that I’ve got it all together, I don’t. Trust me, you only need one look at my house to see that. 🙂

Today’s Challenge: Find time to rest and relax. Thoroughly enjoy that time, however brief. Then pick one action item and just do it (<— see what I did there? hint on the new job).

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