How to set up filters in Gmail and experience email bliss

On any given day, hundreds of emails can flood your inbox. On top of work-related emails, there’s the school information, Amazon notifications, bank statements and the endless, endless lists of promo emails that you don’t even remember signing up for.

It’s entirely too easy to miss out on the important information (I see you, library almost-due and overdue notices) with all the clutter.

Unsubscribing from non-critical information is one way to go, but often there’s that occasional email that you do want and don’t want to miss out on.

How do you easily remove the clutter to focus on what’s important – without ditching it entirely?

One super easy way is to set up filters in Gmail!

I have filters set to automatically send almost all of my emails to the relevant folder – automatically “filing” them away for me. It’s genius.

Learning how to set up Gmail filters has changed my life! It's so great to not have to sort through the junk to find key emails. #inboxorganization #gmail #organizationtips



How to Set Up Filters in Gmail

1. Select an email.

2. From the top menu bar, select “More.”

3. Select “Filter messages like these.”

How to set up Gmail filters #inboxorganization #organizationtips #email #gmail #workingmom

4. Create Filter with this search.

How to set up Gmail filters #inboxorganization #organizationtips #email #gmail #workingmom

5. Apply the label (you can add new labels here, or select from a pre-existing list).

6. Decide whether or not it should Skip the Inbox (hint: If it has a label, it probably should skip the inbox).

7. Check the “Also apply filter to [number] matching conversations.”

8. Click “Create Filter”

How to set up Gmail filters #inboxorganization #organizationtips #email #gmail #workingmom

9. Experience email bliss!

Setting up filters is a great one-time action that will save you time and energy every day moving forward. Take 5 minutes today and set up your email filters.

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