How to best use your “fringe hours”

Released in 2015, The Fringe Hours* by Jessica Turner is a refreshing quick read. Jessica takes a no-nonsense approach with the mentality that of course you should take care of yourself. She also advocates that there is plenty of time in the day for all of us to practice self-care – in the fringe hours.

As someone who has spent way too much time dwelling on whether or not I’m being selfish with my need for space and alone time and hobbies, I needed to hear the message Jessica shares. Somehow she managed to say what I’ve felt but couldn’t manage to put words to.

Yes, it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can live take care of others. And we have the time to do so – even if some of us have to be more creative to find that time. I’m still learning to prioritize what recharges me, especially when that isn’t something I can quantify as productive.

“Unreasonable expectations for what we can accomplish in a given period of time set us up for failure…You know what your limits are. Embrace those limitations not as something negative but as realistic opportunities to do what only you can do.”

– Jessica Turner

One of my favorite examples of prioritizing time was that of doing a craft project while laundry was piled up and the dishes weren’t done. In my own life, keeping chores done enough, but not perfect, is one of the only ways to get the time I need for activities that re-charge me.

A great tip for extra reading time: read a magazine while drying your hair. I’ve read while drying my hair for years, although I usually read books rather than magazines. Kindle books are super easy to read. If you’re reading a print book it can get a little tricky to find weighted items to hold down the sides of the pages in order to read hands-free.

I highly recommend you grab a copy and read it in your #FringeHours! Check out more good reads here.

*Disclaimer: Yes, this is an affiliate link. I also received a complimentary (that’s free) advanced readers copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I would gladly pay full price for this book. 

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