When traveling by airplane…

We’ve established that I’m a total nerd, and have strange quirks, right? Okay, good. Please don’t let today’s quick tip freak you out. I prefer to call it “better safe than sorry.”


Do you take this simple action to stay safe and save time while traveling?


When I was younger (and more cynical), I used to think it was pointless to pay attention to any of the safety protocol at the beginning of a flight. After all, if the plane went down, we’d all be dead, so what’s the benefit in knowing safety protocol? It felt more like an exercise in making naive passengers feel better, not actually a benefit.

Since then, I’ve seen a few too many flights that had relatively minor crashes where people did walk off the plane. But you know what they say when exiting an airplane in an emergency situation, right? (I guess I did occasionally listen to those safety briefings.)

Do not take anything with you as you exit the plane.

Note: This means leave your bags.

Um, in this day and age that’s a problem. 

I don’t know about you, but my wallet used to always be stowed safely in my bag under the seat (or worse, in an overhead compartment). And I don’t have too many phone numbers memorized. My husband’s yes, but I don’t even have my own mother’s cell phone number memorized. That’s why we have smartphones, right?!

What if my plane did have a minor crash? We would deplane, and I wouldn’t have ID, money or a way to get ahold of anyone. Yikes!

That leads to my one must-do action to take while flying:

When traveling by airplane, I always keep my photo id, a credit card and my phone in a pocket.

Instant peace of mind. 

Yes, my friends, colleagues and even family make fun of me. But it makes me feel a whole lot better.

If you don’t have pockets, I found a great alternative take on the fanny pack. Side note: Why is it that maternity clothes rarely have pockets? When I was pregnant (which I’m not currently!), I didn’t magically lose my need for pockets.

Traveler Bonus:

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Bonus tip: Review your packing list immediately after each trip. Add anything you wished you had packed or forgot. Remove anything that’s no longer relevant.  You’ll thank yourself when you’re packing for your next trip.


This post is part of 31 Timesaving Tools, Tips & Templates, read the rest of the series here.  

2 thoughts on “When traveling by airplane…”

  1. Brilliant tip about keeping your phone, ID and a credit card in a pocket in case of an emergency. I will definitely be “stealing” that idea. I will probably never need those items, but for that ONE time when I do, I’ll be glad I read this posts and followed the suggestion. Thanks.

    1. Susan – I’ve had plenty of people make fun of me for it, and the chances of ever using it are seriously slim, but it seems so worth it if you did need it!

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